Teaching material for the concept energy

The lesson material consists of a lesson scenario with detailed information on what to do, what to say, what to expect and what to pay attention to.  

The waking up of preconceptual knowledge is facilitated by an association activity.

The preconcept that only what is moving and alive has energy is identified in a classifaction task.

This preconcept is shaken by two experiments and a magic trick.

The core of the scientfic concept is introduced as follows:

  • Energy is a property. When you talk about energy you use the verb ‘to have’. For instance: "Thomas has energy" or "a chocolate bar has a lot of energy". Energy is expressed in a number and the unit Joule.
  • The higher the energy, the more change than can be generated.
  • Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed. It can only be converted.
  • Everything has energy.

Pupils/ students secure these ideas in enquiry based activities.

Pupils/ students use ideas to solve a variety of problems.


For detailed information, consult the documents below.